We Make Plastic Injection Mold from Chinese Speed to World Quality


Q: What's your yearly turnover in recent 5 years? And what's the proportion of different size molds?
A: In recent 5 years, The average annual sales are about eight million dollars.

Q:What is the focus of your company, injection business or tooling business?
A: For oversea business, we focus on injection mold business. For dosmetic business, we focus on plastic molding business.

Q: What is your smallest tolerance which you can do ?
A: Part tolerance depends on part size, normally we can archieve 16472 group TG4, for steel, smallest tolerance is 0.002mm.

Q: what's the proportion of different size molds?
A: Under 400mm is 30%, 400-900mm is about 50%, above 900mm is about 20%

Q: How many staffs do you have?
A: We have about 370 staffs.

Q: How many molds do you make in a year?
A: Around 800 sets mold.

Q: How many shifts of your workshop?
A: 2 shifts, 8 hours of 1 shift.

Q: Can you make 2k mold?
A: Yes, we can make.

Q: Do you have TS16949 certificate?
A: Yes, we have TS16949 & ISO140001:2004 certificate.

Q: How to design successful plastic mould?
A: Closely related to mold design and manufacturing and plastics processing. The success or failure of the plastic processing depends largely on the mold design effects and the quality of mold manufacturing, plastic mould design and plastics design. Therefore, the plastic mould in the design to take full account of structural elements, mainly:
1st, Confirm with customer via DFM, to find what's the requirements on parts, and what's the potential problem on manufacture and moulding;
2nd, Analyze the gate location by mold flow simulation, and find the problems on moulding, such as weld line, shrink mark, air traps and deflection etc;
3rd, Hold a meeting with designer, manufacture Dept and moulding guy to review the design drawing.to check all items show in special list.
4th, All detail design drawing will be checked by supervisor.

Q: We have ever been encountered the appearance issues while mass production,It is the trouble thing for us, which cost a lot of time and money to repair.How to verify injection mould before shipment, how to find the ROBUST process parameter?
A: We'll run 2-3 hours for every mould before shipment,to verify if there is any potential issues,and will improve them if exist.
Regarding the process parameter,we'll confirm the spotting quality of tool at first, and then we always use below guidance to find the applicable injection speed, pressure and the time of gate seal, to ensure we can find a moderate parameter.
Tool Spotting, Action is okay? EPs, lifters and Sliders system run smoothly? PL spotting, Slider and its pocket, Lifter with good spotting?Pressure Pads with good spotting?Good Polishing? No any EDM mark on PL or action surface?
Injection Speed, How to get the right SPEED?
Mould 1 part at 95% injection speed and record actual fill time in table above
Continue reducing speed until lower limt is reached or injection stalls; record time for each
Choose an appropriate time scale and plot speed vs. time
Filling Balance, Cavity Filling Balance?
Mould 3 consecutive visually "full" shots. Weigh each cavity and calcuate the average for each. Choose an appropriate weight scale and plot the average
Adjust the transfer position to make parts that are visually "85%" full. If there is an imbalance in the cavities make the larger part "85%" full and keep them for weighing.
Pressure Drop, Pressure Drop( Where is the Bottle neck)?
Set the injection pressure to the maximum available pressure for the machine.
Adjust transfer position to obtain shots at the locations specified in the table above.
Record the pressure required and calculate the percent of the total available pressure
Gate Seal, Set cooling time to a value that permits part ejection and set hold time to 0; mould 8 shots to stabilize process.Starting at 1s of hold time, mould a shot then increase hold by 1s, And repeat at longer hold times. Weigh the shots and plot above.